The joy of using my old iPhone 6S

I still remember the day back in July 2016 when I bought my first iPhone 6S. I had recently got a job and after a few month's savings, I was all set to gift myself something expensive. I never wanted to burden my parents with buying me expensive stuff so I had always thought if and when I would work, I will buy myself a nice smartphone as I was a Motorolla user.

I consulted my younger brother and he advised that if I wanted a long-lasting stylish phone I should go for iPhone, back then it costed me between something 75k-80k. So I took his advice and got one. I was so happy. I had a nice phone now. What made me most happy was that I bought it with my own hard-earned money. My parents were happy, I was happy and my siblings were happy.

Little did I know at that time was that this iPhone one day would make my life miserable. I kept using it and enjoyed every bit of it. Later in 2018, I got married and to my surprise, my in-laws were all now counting and measuring my stuff in monetary terms. So much so that I was even asked, well not asked, in fact, taunted that I kept an “iPhone” and I couldn't bring in the “required” amount of gold in my wedding. Well, let's not open another pandora's box, I kept using my phone. I could never make them understand that it wasn't the iPhone that made me happy, it was my own hard work that made me buy that.

A year later, my ex-husband bought me a new iPhone on my birthday. I was shy to take such an expensive gift. Since he had been planning and budgeting it for quite some time I couldn't say No and accepted the present.

I was always hesitant in taking that phone around with me in front of my other ex-family members because they would have all “judged” me that I was making him spend extravagantly. With all the discomfort, never made him realize or showed him how I felt inside… I kept my own iPhone in the drawer and never looked back at it again…

Then time went on, things started to fall apart, we lost each other and got divorced finally. As much I wanted to retain him and the relationship I let go… When giving back the stuff, I gave him back his year-used iPhone and started to use mine that I recovered from my returned belongings.

To my surprise, it was as good as new. It's been over a year I am using my old phone and I feel so happy and content using it. It doesn't give me any trouble at all.

In life, you can survive without things, expensive stuff but it's hard to survive without emotions, care, and a sense of belongingness and in a place where you don't feel approved of….

Can things determine and guarantee relationships? I think not…What are your thoughts?